While making sure your commercial kitchen is able to produce quality food, you need to also make sure that it is not at risk of fire hazards so that you, your employees, and any visiting patrons are safe from harm. 

This means maintaining your kitchen’s exhaust system with a regular, professional, and thorough cleaning is carried out as defined by NFPA 96 or regional fire code. This service needs to be performed by certified and qualified professionals to ensure fire codes and standards are met.

Spotless Concepts is happy to lend a hand with our services for commercial kitchen cleaning in Winnipeg and the surrounding markets in Manitoba and NW Ontario.

When you come to us, you can expect a company that can help your commercial kitchen stay up to the applicable national and regional fire department’s required fire codes. Using our years of knowledge and experience, we provide professional kitchen exhaust cleaning.

If you request kitchen exhaust cleaning, you can expect our staff to power wash your kitchen exhaust’s canopy, filters, duct work, and system fan.

Our staff will also monitor the exhaust system’s maintenance schedule so that they can notify you when cleaning services are due. After each cleaning, we will send a written report to you that may include recommendations for upcoming due maintenance items. 

Professional kitchen in modern building

While our staff is prepared to handle scheduled cleanings for the following customers, they can also provide one-time cleanings as well:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & kitchens
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Schools & daycares
  • Sporting Venues
  • Corrections Facilities
  • Food Trucks
  • Universities and Colleges
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