As an expert on commercial kitchen cleaning around Winnipeg and a supporter of local Manitoba businesses, Spotless Concepts would like to offer the following helpful tips on maintaining a commercial kitchen:

  • Complying with fire safety keeps your restaurant, staff, and customers safer from grease fires
  • Complying also improves the functionality and longevity of the kitchen hood, fan, and ducting
  • Having the required hinge kits on your exhaust fans makes cleaning much more efficient and prolongs the life of the fan
  • Cleaning a newly installed or modified duct system right away can help prove the duct work to be liquid tight as per required codes
  • Cleaning also helps get input from the people who have to service the system for years after the engineers are done
  • Any welding done on the system once grease gets into the ducting may prevent even the best of welders from having an easy time installing any missed access panels or to do any warranty type or other repairs
  • Making sure your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned as per the NFPA 96 fire code is required
  • Installing unobstructed access panels every 12 feet as per NFPA 96 codes is also just as important
  • Having properly placed access panels allows technicians the ability to clean inside the ducts
If you have any questions about kitchen exhaust system cleaning or want to discuss your facility’s needs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Do you have valid credentials for kitchen exhaust cleaning services?

Based on industry standards, it is important for duct and vent cleaning contractors to hold recognized credentials such as certifications, local service licenses, experience and training procedures. To test the genuineness of the company, it is recommended to explore more about their work with respect to NFPA – 96 guidelines. This will help your business meet the necessary provincial requirements.

Do I get the final report of the job?

It is important to ask the vent cleaning provider if they share thorough reports at the end of the cleaning session. Collecting such information along with before and after pictures will help you test the job. These documents also are important to be submitted to provincial officials and/or insurance provider upon request. Whether you have a brand new restaurant or own a commercial kitchen for several years, keeping it clean is of paramount importance. 

Insurance Coverage Details

Unforeseen events or accidents are a part of such projects. However, to have information about the insurance coverage details, makes it possible to ensure your right to recover from substantial losses occurred during the process of kitchen exhaust cleaning.

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